My Story

My name is Peiji (pay-gee). I have learned about the Netherlands at the age of twelve, after meeting a very nice boy named Ric, who was one year older than me. I had a website where people could join and chat as pen pals. Ric and I would message each other on MSN about once or twice a year. We were pretty good long distance friends. At the age of eighteen, we messaged each other more often everyday. We gradually started developing feelings for one another.

Ric came to visit me in Toronto, where I was studying Graphic Design. We were very drawn to each other and decided to date. After seven years of dating, visiting Canada and the Netherlands back and forth many times, I decided to move to the Netherlands for a year.

This is my journey to build a life, and start my beautiful adventure in this amazing country. I hope to learn more about the culture and language.

Come follow my journey!