Welcome to my blog. I will be documenting my life in the Netherlands daily.

I'm a Chinese-Canadian from Toronto, Canada. 

Almost familiar...

When I decided to live in the Netherlands, I knew there would be many differences from living in Canada. Language is one of them, along with many other cultural differences, like taking out the trash or recycling.

There were many older couples on my flight on Wednesday evening, which I did not expect. I usually end up flying with families, students or couples in their 30's. The plane we were on didn't have individual screens for watching movies, which kind of bothered me, but I just slept most of the way. We were given the choice of different varieties of hot sandwiches for dinner. I chose the vegetable and melted cheese sandwich, which was not bad.

I haven't been on a plane like this in a while, so I just took the advantage of going to sleep before arriving at around 11:15am at the Schiphol Airport.

For breakfast, we had COLD banana bread... is it just me or any type of cold bread in the morning is rather revolting... as in... I feel nauseous if I don't have it with something warm, like a cup of hot tea, so I wait for them to hand out the drinks, before I can really enjoy my breakfast.

After landing, we had to go through customs... and it went by quick. I usually get asked questions... but I didn't, so I guess that was unusual.

I had to take the train back the the apartment, but my luggage could barely fit into the aisles of the trains... >< that was kind of embarrassing. Then I decided to go through revolving doors with my luggage, which turned out to be a HORRIBLE idea. I got stuck. Yes, stuck in the revolving doors, with my luggage... while three people watched me struggle to get through the doors. I had to slowly inch my way through, like a long slow motion GIF.

I'm still in the process of adjusting, so I may not be able to post regularly, which is a shame.

I also do not have a stable job yet. This is the first time in about 9 years where I do not have a regular income of some sort. This does worry me, but as long as I constantly try to search for work, there should not be a problem.

Kasteel De Haar

Kasteel De Haar