Welcome to my blog. I will be documenting my life in the Netherlands daily.

I'm a Chinese-Canadian from Toronto, Canada. 

Wacky Weather

I started a YouTube channel recently, but I cringe every time Ric opens a video and I can hear myself. I don't mind watching myself alone, but not when someone else is watching it with me. If you're that interested, you can search my channel under the name "365 Tulips". I'm already feeling a little embarrassed, knowing that people I know can view my videos :p It's quite fun editing them and recording myself though. I think it's a great way to document my time here, since I choose certain snippets of my daily life to share.

I'm starting to feel less anxious about shopping, because I can understand certain words to get me through a checkout process :p but I really need to improve on understanding numbers because I got confused with 37 euros and 70 something euros :\

There was one time where I understood 5 euros and 19 cents! That felt nice :) I see the lady at the cashier occasionally and today, she smiled and winked at me :D I'm not sure if she knows that I understand Dutch or not, but I can definitely understand the simple phrases, such as "Good morning" and "Have a nice weekend". I also learned about "receipt" and "bag" recently, which will always be a regular posing question.

The weather here is quite strange at times, especially when it rains. It will rain for 15 minutes, the sun will come out, then the whole process starts all over again for a good full day.

I was looking for almond flour and I don't understand why I can't find the regular, non-organic almond flour at Albert Heijn. They only sold the organic one in a small bag, which was quite pricey >> like 5 euros for 200g :\ I needed it for a cookie recipe, but I don't think I will be buying that again.

There is a natural supplement/beauty store called, De Tuinen that also sells almond flour but I was just too lazy to go there. They have natural beauty products, essential oils and health food items. I'll most likely drop buy to pick up some skincare products.

I also ordered an elephant shaped watering can from Hema, haha. I will pick it up tomorrow... perhaps show it off in a vlog or something :)


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My First Workaway Experience!