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I'm a Chinese-Canadian from Toronto, Canada. 

Does Vanilla Extract Exist Here?

I like to bake. I'm not very good at it... ask Ric, but I like to bake. I can find vanilla extract in any grocery store in Canada, but for some reason I couldn't find it here in the Netherlands. I've only tried two grocery stores, but two is enough for me to know that vanilla extract is not a common thing here for some reason. BUT, instead of vanilla extract, they sell actual vanilla bean/pods 😮. I mean, legit vanilla pods encased in a small, thin glass tube... 😍 Now baking has gone to a whole new level of fun and excitement for me!

I even checked out one of their natural specialty shops, and the closest thing I found was vanilla powder. I guess I'll just have to reuse the pods to make my own vanilla extract :)

3 Days in Vienna

3 Days in Vienna

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