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I'm a Chinese-Canadian from Toronto, Canada. 

Visiting Gouda!

Visiting Gouda!

Many photos, like always :D

My confusion still exists with the trains... So I missed my train once again. I thought I would learn my lesson by now but apparently not -.-

The train system is a lot more extensive here than what I am used to in Toronto. For example, today, I had to take a train that goes all the way to Den Haag. The trains are usually on time here and there will always be a digital sign on the side of the train.

The sign at the platform said that a train would come for Rotterdam and Den Haag at the same time, so I thought there would be 2 separate trains, but that's where it is different.

It's actually one long train that has 2 sections, the front and the back of the train. Apparently the back of the train goes to Den Haag and I couldn't see from where I am standing (near the front of the train), where it says it'll be going to Rotterdam... -.- luckily trains run pretty often here and I can get to where I need to, but sometimes it can really mess up my schedule. I am now 15 minutes late than my scheduled time.

Normally, it would say whether it's at section 1a or 1b, but maybe I didn't notice it, but argh, it's frustrating :(

Am I stupid or was it an error?? I somehow missed my next train again. The side of the train said it was going somewhere else instead of the scheduled name on the board... :( I'm not going to work or a meeting, but I like to plan and my schedule is very off right now. I am getting on the next train no matter what. Don't worry, it's supposed to go to where I need to go. *sigh -.-

I'm at Amersfoort and it did indeed say which section the train was at for going to Den Haag... The benefits of not wearing my contact lenses eh? -.- I tend to doubt myself, because I got on the wrong train once and ended up in another city XD

~ 10:15am
I've finally arrived! The market is quite close to the station, like a 10 minute walking distance. There were a lot of people and tourists. I just wanted to get close to the cheese to take a photo. I actually filmed a video of the guys actually bidding on the cheese! It was interesting :D I thought there would be more cheese though, half of the market was filled with other vendors selling miscellaneous stuff.

Fact: None of the cheese is actually produced in Gouda. It is the place known for trading cheese :) The cheese is produced in the surrounding region. Gouda cheese is also named after the city.

So what is Gouda cheese exactly!?

The name is used today as a general term for a variety of similar cheese produced in the traditional Dutch manner
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gouda_cheese

I honestly don't know how the cheese can stay so solid in the heat >> It was very warm today.

I saw this adorable dog!!! Isn't he/she the cutest!? Very hot and thirsty though, poor you...

Then I went to De Sint Janskerk (St. John's Church), known for its famous stained glass windows. It is the longest church in the Netherlands, running 123 metres long. I thought it would be free to go in, but there is a fee of 5 euros.

Let's follow my walk there :p

There were many tombstones in the floor of the church. Some of them were very intricately designed. I accidentally stepped in a small sunken hole in one of them... that scared me, haha.

The Liberation Window

This is beautiful... I wonder how they did the flowers onto the vellum-like paper.

The beautiful view, just outside the church :)

Really not sure how I feel about this XD

There's one thing I truly love about the Netherlands though. It's their appreciation for outdoor sculptures! It's literally everywhere and it's in random places. The large pieces are usually near the city centre roundabout, but when I say random... I mean it. You can find 1-2 random sculptures on the side of the highway. They're all very different and unique to every city you visit.

I love this one, just outside the church, by the Museum Cafe :)

Periwinkle flowers! They're so cute :)

Then I went to David's Gelato for well... gelato :p I got the aardbei and meloen! (strawberry and melon). The melon was really good. The strawberry was okay, but the texture of it was spot on.

Time for me to go... I can't be arsed to spend money on food, so I decided to head home and buy some fresh made pizza from the grocery store :p

I didn't have too much to talk about in this post, but I still hope you enjoyed it :)

What will my next destination be!? I already know where :p

Drawing again!

Drawing again!

Shrimp is expensive.